Team Terrific's Photo Galleries

This site hosts various picture albums (Galleries) to share with Bob & Diane Alder's friends and family. Just click on the Galleries listed below or use the Navigation Buttons at the top of each page to check out the various galleries. There's no need to register or login to view our pictures.
Helpful suggestions for viewing photos:
When at the Gallery you've selected, you can choose amongst the various "Styles" of viewing the pictures. Simply use the style box (upper right) to choose how you wish view the pictures.
••either the "Smugmug" or the "Journal" styles are recommended..
••Or, the "Slideshow" style is also a fun way to view images. To do this pick "Slideshow" from the Style box (In upper right).
Enjoy. You may also wish to visit our website, where there is often more extensive narrative associated with these picture stories.